About Rise on Fire

Walking as Yeshua

Have you ever looked at Christians around you, or perhaps even your own life, and wondered why it looks little like the disciples we read about in the Bible, and more importantly, little like the life of Jesus? The day I decided to (really) follow God; I got on my knees, and told Him: “Father, I desire the truth, but there are millions of denominations out there, which way?”

A week later, God took me out of church in a sequence of events, and started answering my prayer.

Rise on Fire was started after God gave me a series of dreams and visions that changed my life. He has been talking to me about His desire for His bride to return to Spirit and Truth. Right now there is a gap: many followers are in truth, but they fail to allow the workings of the Spirit. Other believers allow the workings of the Spirit, but they lack the Truth of the Word.

The worst of all is, these two groups usually wants nothing to do with one another! But God is changing this, and this ministry aims to equip believers all over the world to return to His Truth as well as walking in power and love; enabled by the Spirit. He is not coming back until this mission reaches the ends of the Earth.

~ PD van der Westhuizen

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Matthew 24:14

Reigniting Spirit & Truth

Rise on Fire is a South African ministry started by a God given dream to teach the nations how to truly walk as Yeshua our messiah. We have a mission to restore the unity of Spirit & Truth in Christianity, a return to the way the first disciples lived. This is the 24/7 Christian lifestyle rooted in love, holiness, self-sacrifice, the demonstration of the Spirit – a place free from people, excuses and fear!

We have a relentless passion for truth, and have departed from man-made traditions that separates us from the simplicity of the Bible and the workings of the Holy Spirit.

Currently based in South Africa, Rise On Fire stretches internationally with weekly Youtube video teachings & podcasts and church seminars. South African activities include weekly outreaches, with a small fellowship where discipleship is the center of attention.

  • Love
  • Walk in the physical and spiritual healing power of the Holy Spirit
  • Baptise in Water & Spirit and make disciples
  • Overcome fear and other limits of the flesh
  • Walk in obedience to the Word of God according to all His instructions
  • Have a solid and biblical understanding of who Yeshua (Jesus) is and how He is to be worshiped.
  • Most importantly: to walk, talk, see, worship, eat, and pray like Yeshua!

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