IN THE USA! (March Immigration Update)

Just received our marriage license

Hi guys

Just a quick update on what’s going on behind the scenes. I landed in the USA this past weekend in Virginia Beach (VA) where I and my soon-to-be bride will reside at least for now, until/if God leads otherwise. 

Yesterday (Thursday) we received our marriage license for the wedding at the end of March (see above photo). We are very excited for this new season and what is coming up, especially ministry wise and what God would allow us to accomplish together in His will.

As you can imagine, with this final move to the USA things have been busy getting things in order to prepare our new home, so apologies for my “silence” on YouTube recently. This month of March is a busy one, but I’ll be putting out a video here and there; and things will then continue full-speed-ahead from April again as God wills. 

A special thank you for your ongoing support in this transition. I know this move is GOOD and will allow us to reach many more people and take God’s mission forward. There are many great opportunities and doors God has already started opening.

The Wedding Ceremony – A Picture of God & His Bride

We are busy planning a wedding that we hope will in various ways point to Yeshua and His Bride (the Body of Christ) using various ceremony elements.

Our wedding will certainly be very unique and different from what most people have ever seen. We will be sharing some videos when it is over, as well as talk about the elements we incorporated to communicate the story of God. So stay tuned for that!

We feel it is time for those in Christ to do all they can to use their wedding ceremonies as a witness and testimony of Him. There are few opportunities where we can have our own “feast” that we can design to point to Him, so we intent to use it to glorify Him as best we can.

The Abrahamic Experience

Between selling my possessions and moving to a new land of promises, I truly feel like I’m undergoing an “Abraham experience,” but I know that these experiences (easy and hard) will help me communicate God’s heart to His people in the near future. Who knows, maybe a new book 😉

Please pray for our wedding to glorify God and for the last few things to fall into place for this transition. May God bless you and please let me know if you have anything I can pray for.

See you in the next video! ~ PD & Christina



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3 thoughts on “IN THE USA! (March Immigration Update)”

  1. Congrats!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH! I left you a few e-mails ages ago. I never heard back from you. I have a great deal to share with you both as well. feel free to write any time. May YHWH seal and protect all that concerns you. and bless all you sent your hand to do!

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