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By Pd in Uncategorized on December 10, 2016

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Angelo M.
Angelo M. reply

Hi PD, do you do skype deliverances by any chance? For those that are oppressed by demons. If you do, would it be possible to contact me back via email? I know you’re a busy person, so if you cannot I completely understand, but figured I’d give it a whirl and contact you. I’m not sure if you read these comments personally, but if you do and are able to do deliverances from demons via skype calls can you please contact me. Any help would be appreciated, thank you and have a wonderful day.

Dan Hamel
Dan Hamel reply

HI PD thankyou for helping get me……..is there some way I can contribute to help you?I live in the USA

Michael McLeod
Michael McLeod reply

My phone is 1 9284209593 could we text?

Michael McLeod
Michael McLeod reply

PD. Peace and Grace, Shalom vay kein from Arizona. My phone is 1 9284209593 could we text?

Pd reply

Michael, please send me an email from this page: http://www.riseonfire.com/contact

Rita.N reply

sir, am in desperate need of prayer and help , please email me we can discuss further.

Stefani reply

PD Ive been watiching your videos online and I truly believe Jesus has given you the gift of the holy spirit and the gift of laying hands on the sick. I am desperate for your prayers for healing. I’m battling anxiety, addiction, the lust of the flesh, and my teeth are decaying. My bad teeth keep me in a mental prison. It’s my biggest miracle need. I believe that even

Santiago reply

Your videos have showed me so much, many truths that have really set me free. Id like to comunicate with you whenever you can, Thanks!

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