Coming Soon: A Feast-Day Video For Your Christian Friends!

So maybe you’ve been learning about the amazing feast days God has set apart for His people in the Bible, and whether you’re new at this or a seasoned keeper of His feasts, we think you’ll like our next release!

In the next few days, we are dropping a video targeted towards Christians, introducing them to why everyone is talking about these “Jewish feasts” again. We believe it’s important to reach souls in this season with the beauty of His feasts – and we need your help.

The video will be teaching the historical reasons for how Christianity got so divorced from God’s feasts and sabbaths, and the biblical reasons for why we should reconsider them. But we need people to share it with! Today, think on who you’d like to share this video with. And when it drops, send that friend a link to it.

No doubt, many of us have come to greater understandings of God’s truth’s during these feast days because His Holy Spirit is teaching it; and we must use this opportunity once again to share it with others.

Thank you for sharing it if you decide to do so, and partnering with us in bringing the gospel to the nations!

P.S. Have an amazing festive season! As God permits, we will be releasing a Trumpets and Sukkot teaching during the upcoming appointed times.

PD & Christina

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