╫ Full Time Ministry Journey & Immigration Updates


I would like to share with you my journey into full-time ministry with some tips for those who may desire to do the same, as well as an update on where we are with my US immigration.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers.


1 thought on “╫ Full Time Ministry Journey & Immigration Updates”

  1. What a wonderful thing for Pd to immigrate to the U.S. Many workers are needed here. I am at a catch-22 because I have heart problems and connected problems and I believe I should be healed before I should heal in Jesus’ Name, or otherwise look like a hypocrite or fool when I have infirmity myself. I am 65 years old and want to give my all to Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah. I would very much appreciate it if Pd or anyone who has faith in Yeshua would, under the power of Jesus’ Name, command my infirmities away. What a great thing to go to the doctor tomorrow morning (after having been let out of hospital, “heart failure”) and for him to see all my heart rate and other levels are healed. What a great testimony I could give him, and I would want to carry on by healing others in His Name.

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