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╫ Man Converts to Flat Earth “in 3 minutes”?

Recently I overheard an interview with a man who said that he “converted to flat earth in 3 minutes” after he heard of the theory. He stated that after all the things he’s been lied to before, from things concerning his religion to other lies by the government, he can’t trust anything he’s been taught anymore. And for that reason, he simply concluded that this conspiracy theory is another that “must be true. “, even without further research.

And it made me think, how susceptible are we to quickly accept untried new ideas, even potentially untrue ideas, when we already have a lack of trust? As believers, we are called to pursue truth by evaluating the evidence set forth by 2 – 3 witnesses as scripture mandates. It is when we set aside this requirement to rather be led by our emotions, or potential trust issues, that we could be led astray by our own flesh. I hope this short video blesses you to think regarding how easily you accept new information, and whether you do conduct the appropriate research. Especially in a time such as this where there are so many coronavirus conspiracy theories being promoted, good or bad.


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1 thought on “╫ Man Converts to Flat Earth “in 3 minutes”?”

  1. Hi. I just comment on your video about false teachers and basically said that the weapon that the rising false teachers of this new era is going to use against us is the false teachings and false doctrines we have in our believe. You are mentioning a great example of how this is already working in confusing people in disregarding proven facts to mere speculations.

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