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╫ Why Todd Bentley Fell: When Holiness Gets Left Behind

We live in a culture addicted to entertainment: From the latest movie to the latest festival, the entertainment industry is now a billion-dollar industry in the world, and much of Christianity has followed suit.

Churches have exchanged “controversial” sermons on holiness for short-and-sweet feel-good motivational speeches, the depth of the word for smoke machines, and persued supernatural experiences at the *cost* of holiness, all to draw the crowds.

But what if the move of God’s Spirit doesn’t need to be at the price of holy living or the depth of God’s amazing Word? What if our Messiah walked in radical holiness, combined with the supernatural movings of God’s Spirit? And what if that’s exactly the walk God is commanding today.

He is getting rid of the unholy leaders throughout catholic, charismatic, protestant and all other movements alike, to make way for the One True Body He is coming back for. There is purging taking place for His Kingdom to be established. Will you hear the call to repentance to ensure your house is clean?


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