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The Mission

We believe the Rise on Fire mission is unique: To not only equip believers for walking in the Spirit through spiritual gifts, but also helping them rediscover holiness to walk as Yeshua in Truth through obedience to the instructions of our Father. 

God is calling us back to the garden: With the Truth’s communion with Spirit, we will set people free from the chains of tradition and lies that are prevalent even in our mainstream Christian culture. Read more about reigniting Spirit & Truth in PD’s book:

All our video content is free, and will forever be!

Since we are completely crowd funded, we rely on your support to continue the mission God has placed on our heart.

Belief Statement

We Believe:


“The Lord God, the LORD is one.” The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the only God and Creator; there is none beside Him, and all the attributes of God are His alone. His complex unity consists of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each eternally and fully God (John 1:1, Genesis 1:2). The Son, our Messiah, having taken on sinless flesh when born to the virgin Miriam, is also fully human and divine. The Holy Spirit was sent out by the Father to comfort and empower believers & convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgement.

Man and Sin

God created man in His image and likeness to be in loving and obedient fellowship with Him forever. Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God’s command and, because of this deed, all men have a sin nature and commit their own personal sins they stand guilty of. Sin is the transgression of God’s instruction. Sin is punished by separation from God (death); this penalty has fallen upon every member of the human race.


The Bible, consisting of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament (Genesis to Revelation), is the believer’s sole authority in all matters of faith and practice. It is inspired and preserved by God and without error in the original manuscripts.

Atonement and Salvation

God has always provided man with a means of atonement. Prefigured by animal sacrifices, the only satisfaction of God’s wrath is provided by Messiah’s death on the cross. This death is the full and only atonement for sin. God accepted this atonement as proved by Yeshua’s resurrection. Any person who repents of his sin and trusts in Yeshua is saved by God’s grace. This grace leads men to loving and obedient fellowship with God forever. The Holy Spirit has a necessary role in man’s recognizing God’s holiness, man’s need for a Savior, and the salvation provided in Messiah. His work is further necessary in man’s repentance and faith, and in the ensuing process through which they are sanctified.

People are not saved by their own works, but by faith in Yeshua. He came to die for us, and sent His Holy Spirit for us, because we are unable to save ourselves or walk in perfect holiness ourselves.

However, faith without works is dead. The works of people will change after a true encounter with Yeshua, because He convicts & empowers them to change their sinful ways. Therefore, our growth over time into good works is evidence of our salvation. Good works are not the root of our salvation, but the fruit thereof. If we stumble and repent as believers, God is quick to forgive us, no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done.

The people of God

The people of Israel are God’s chosen people whom He loves with an everlasting love. God continues to fulfill all of the promises and covenants given to the fathers. The body of the Messiah consists of both Jews and Non-Jews who trust in the One God and in His Messiah for the forgiveness of sin. Non-Jewish believers in the Messiah are grafted into (become part of) Israel through Yeshua. Both Jews and Non-Jews share in the spiritual promises, which God made to Israel, and are equal before God.

Holy Spirit plays an important role in empowering believers to overcome sin and walk in the love & power Yeshua gave His 12 disciples and all who would later become disciples. One purpose of this is the great commission: To spread the Gospel (good news/truth) of what the Messiah had done to the whole world. Each believer has a responsibility to partake in this mission in their own callings.


Yeshua the Messiah will return to establish God’s manifest kingdom, to resurrect the dead and determine the eternal destiny of all men, blessing the believers with eternal life and bringing eternal death upon the wicked.

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