A Fire Has Started

You know something is missing. You can feel it in your bones. There’s something about the walk of Yeshua (Jesus) that just feels missing. Many feel like you. But God has started a revival of both Spirit & Truth.

See, many of us received an awakening of walking in the Holy Spirit – the power, the love, the gifts. While others received an awakening of walking in the Truth – a greater measure of holiness.

But in this age, God is bringing unity and restoring the full and uncompromising walk of Yeshua.

Are you ready to walk as He walked?

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IN THE USA! (March Immigration Update)

Hi guys Just a quick update on what’s going on behind the scenes. I landed in the USA this past weekend in Virginia Beach (VA) where I and my soon-to-be

Godly Love

My Goals Were Never His

It was a particularly good evening. I was worshiping with a friend, we were going through the usual YouTube worship music with lyrics. I did not need the lyrics. I

Regathering the Scattered

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