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╫ Halloween – Does God Care?

╫ Halloween – Does God Care?

By on October 30, 2018

It’s that time of the year again. With the decorations, the celebrations of darkness, and the trick or treating from door to door. The question is, what would Jesus do on a day like this?

When we do the same thing every year, over and over again, anything and everything becomes so natural to us that we never stop to ask: Where does this all come from? And does it please God?

Let’s see what the Bible says about celebrating Halloween.

╫ Tabernacles: The Feast of Intimacy

╫ Tabernacles: The Feast of Intimacy

By on September 22, 2018

His desire has always been to tabernacle among us. From the journey through Egypt to the end of the age where we will dwell with Him face-to-face.

And from the beginning the enemy has come to lie, to make us doubt the voice of God, to separate us from God, even though God’s desire is to come closer.

This is the feast of “intimacy”, the wedding rehearsal where the Bridegroom calls the Bride to gather her oil.

This feast is the Greatest Feast, the culmination of everything, from Genesis to Revelation, from the Garden to the very End.

And this feast is here. I hope this new teaching blesses you.
Have an amazing Feast of Tabernacles!

╫ What if the trumpets blew today? – End Times Message

╫ What if the trumpets blew today? – End Times Message

By on September 11, 2018

One of these years, this would be the day where the world hears the trumpets of Revelation sound, but what if it sounded today? Time will be up. No more second chances, no more calling your parent, friend or colleague to say you’re sorry. For in a little while, we will all appear before God to be judged on every idle word and thought.

He will especially look at what we’ve done with the talents He’s entrusted us with. Was it simply for the exaltation of our own kingdom? Or was it *always* used towards His?

Today is not too late yet. He’s not back yet. That means while it is Day, you still have time. Make the decision today to give your life into His hands. Many are “Christian” yet hold onto their own life. Hear me today: He who holds onto his own life will lose it. He who gives up his life for His sake will gain it.

Have a blessed feast of trumpets!

╫ Where’s the Bride? – Shavuot 2018

╫ Where’s the Bride? – Shavuot 2018

By Pd on May 20, 2018

Where’s the bride?

It’s Shavuot in 2018 (Pentecost) and an outpouring is needed today more than ever. Many are living in the gift of Truth given at the first Shavuot; or the Gift of Spirit given at the second.

But His bride will be equally yoked, and will walk in the power of the Spirit, with discernment of the Truth.

But are you His Bride? The trumpet is about to blow and it will be too late to be adorned for your Husband. Get ready! For He is coming!

╫ Passover: Unashamed of the Lamb

╫ Passover: Unashamed of the Lamb

By Pd on April 6, 2018

The call of Jesus to radically follow Him is the same call of God in the Passover story. The story of Israel surrounded by a pagan nation worshipping animals amongst other gods, and God calling them to do the unthinkable: Kill lambs, and place the blood on the doorposts of their homes.

Today the story has been told enough times that we may deem it normal, but what if God called you to do the same thing today? Would you paint your home with Him, or be ashamed and hide in fear?

╫ Leaven in Torah Fellowships | Passover Warning

╫ Leaven in Torah Fellowships | Passover Warning

By on March 7, 2018

Why did God reveal the Truth to you? Was it for your own benefit, or maybe something more?

Something that most who come into Torah have struggled with, or is struggling with, is the danger of pride. Knowledge can certainly puff up, so lets audit ourselves by how we fellowship with others, and the love we do or do not walk out.

Once we receive a revelation, the enemy comes in for the kill, and without humility, we will certainly be consumed in our own leaven.

╫ Halloween, Witches & Warlocks | Spoken Word

╫ Halloween, Witches & Warlocks | Spoken Word

By Pd on October 25, 2017

Welcome to the day where
we clothe our children as witches and warlocks
to make them masquerade as goldy locks.
Going to the strangers’ door-to-door.

But we never ask: Are you sure?

Are you sure of the darkness that celebrates and sets in
unto the celebration of halloween.
Where no light ever shines, for what fellowship does light have with darkness?
Don’t you know that it only leaves behind an empty carcass.

The witches rejoice, when they offer the children
unto Satan to be taken.
Then we ask our boy why he left God, or the atheist why he seeks not.
We offered them to Satan, and without repentance, we will continue hating the light.

Stop celebrating halloween, its an abomination to God.
If you do not turn, He will not return to your lot.
Forget the candy and empty celebration, celebrate the festivals of God where the light shines, the chains are broken and the baby cries not.

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