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Because it brings freedom from bondage light from darkness life from death fulfillment from what was empty

We call it discipleship

When Jesus (Yeshua) came up to Peter and the rest, He posed two words to them that would change their life forever: “Follow me”. In the coming years, Yeshua told them all they ever needed to know about following Him and they became His “disciples.”

In the first century, the role of a disciple was to imitate their teacher. From the way they eat, walk, sleep, talk, teach and in every other way. We stand on the principle that whoever calls themselves a disciple that abides in Yeshua ought to walk as He walked in every way.

In today’s confusing world of 33 000+ denominations within Christianity, there is a lot of noise. But what if it was as simple as walking as He walked?

Question: Do you remember which it is?

"Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in a similar the same way in which he walked."

1 John 2:6

Answer: The Same Way

In fact, Jesus Himself is the Way (John 14:6). But there is a problem: Today, there are countless denominations (33 000+), and even more theologies each hold to. Each denomination holds its own theory on what a true disciple of Jesus is supposed to walk like.

It started with good intentions. Each of us have parts of Jesus we absolutely love and are passionate about. But let’s be honest, there are parts of Him which makes us a little more… uncomfortable. This is not surprising, following Him is the most challenging thing any man can undertake because Jesus is not out to please our flesh. In fact, He says that our fallen nature is at enmity with God (Romans 8:7).

Some of us love His commandments and being obedient to the Word and letter of the law. Some are especially passionate about certain commandments, like the 7th day (sabbath). Others are passionate about the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifting He desires to work in and through us.

But while there is much to be passionate about, sometimes our passion drowns out other important parts of His walk, or even worse, we start creating theologies to excuse why we don’t walk like Jesus. To put it plainly, we need to restore the worship of Spirit and Truth to our lives, not one at the cost of the other.

However, a revival and new reformation has started where God calls us to lay down all our preconceived ideas of men. It is time to embrace Yeshua, and all of Him. He is the perfect theology. The Way we must all follow. The Truth we must encounter to have eternal Life. If we encounter any theology that does not bear fruit in us to look more like Yeshua, that is false theology. It actually is quite simple.

There are many uncertainties out there today. But I encourage you to join us to Rise on Fire and abide in Him by walking as He walked, without the excuses.

The Mission

We believe the Rise on Fire mission is unique: To not only equip believers for walking in the Spirit through spiritual gifts, but also helping them rediscover holiness to walk as Yeshua in Truth through obedience to the instructions of their Heavenly Father. 

God is calling us back to the garden: With the Truth’s communion with Spirit, we will set people free from the chains of tradition and lies that are prevalent even in the mainstream Christian culture. Read more about reigniting Spirit & Truth in PD’s book:

All our video content is free, and will forever be!

Since we are completely crowd funded, we rely on your support to continue the mission God has placed on our heart.

4 Ways We Reach

  1. Currently, the ministry produces 1 – 3 teachings a week, reaching thousands every day through video, live streams, podcast and radio.
  2. Other impactful educational content such as books & audio teachings are produced and distributed
  3. Regular speaking engagements with baptisms and training sessions at conferences/fellowships to equip the bride
  4. A team of ministers answer biblical questions, advise on life issues and help individuals apply the Bible to grow in their relationship with Yeshua

PD’s Bio

After encountering God in a dream and experiencing a radical change of life while living in South Africa, PD has been proclaiming the Gospel and Yeshua’s revelation of Spirit & Truth worship through his ministry Rise on Fire, alongside his wife Christina.
He is most known as the author of the best-selling book “Reigniting Spirit & Truth”, as well as by the teachings released weekly on the Rise on Fire YouTube channel. In the last 3 years, he has traveled 14 US states to serve at various conferences and church events, equipping believers to walk in the Holy Spirit and the truth of our Father’s Instructions.

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