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╫ The Biblical Model of Romance

╫ The Biblical Model of Romance

By on October 3, 2018

Dating: In our Bibles, we don’t see it. It’s just not there. Our culture is so divorced from the biblical model of romance, that we don’t know what’s suppose to be normal anymore. But when we look at the biblical examples God gave, we stumble upon something “radical” yet beautiful.

Finding someone was never suppose to be about you, but all about glorifying Him.

In this video, I share my personal relationship journey with Christina to connect it with the picture of Yeshua and His bride. I also explore different biblical examples of romantic relationships.

╫ Tabernacles: The Feast of Intimacy

╫ Tabernacles: The Feast of Intimacy

By on September 22, 2018

His desire has always been to tabernacle among us. From the journey through Egypt to the end of the age where we will dwell with Him face-to-face.

And from the beginning the enemy has come to lie, to make us doubt the voice of God, to separate us from God, even though God’s desire is to come closer.

This is the feast of “intimacy”, the wedding rehearsal where the Bridegroom calls the Bride to gather her oil.

This feast is the Greatest Feast, the culmination of everything, from Genesis to Revelation, from the Garden to the very End.

And this feast is here. I hope this new teaching blesses you.
Have an amazing Feast of Tabernacles!

╫ Regathering the Fellowship of the Scattered

╫ Regathering the Fellowship of the Scattered

By Pd on March 6, 2018

Many are scattered, isolated or in disunity. The Spirit-Truth revival will leave many lonely, because no one else sees the same thing God has revealed to them. Others are prideful, and have chosen to isolate themselves due to their own hurt. But the Father is up to something that will surprise most.

╫ Valentines Day: You DON’T need someone

╫ Valentines Day: You DON’T need someone

By Pd on February 9, 2018

So it’s almost Valentines Day. Flowers, cards and rings will be bought, but what if you don’t need a valentine this time?

Many of you are waiting for “the one” before you can reach your HAPPINESS, or reach your CALLING. But what if you’re alone for a reason right now, and most importantly – what does God say about it? You would be surprised to know that God does not elevate finding someone like much of our culture; and even our churches.

╫ Knowing About God vs. Knowing God  – Torah Portion: He pleaded

╫ Knowing About God vs. Knowing God – Torah Portion: He pleaded

By Pd on August 9, 2017

We’re just like Israel – We really don’t want to hear what God has to say, for one simple reason.

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