╫ Becoming A Fountain of Living Water

When we keep God’s commandments, attend church, His feasts, do communion or whatever other religious rites, why do we do it? The heart’s motivation for why we do what we do is just as important as what we actually do. Throughout scripture, we see examples of men who seemed religious and good – even so far as to be dining with the Messiah Himself, yet they’re hearts behind their actions were wicked and they were condemned by God for it.
And this is the difference between those who will see the Living Waters flow from them and those who won’t. We can read the same Bibles, yet have completely different characters because we’ve either welcomed or quenched the Spirit. This Sukkot, would you have been qualified to enter the New Heaven & Earth through your heart of purity, or will the Father see ulterior motives when He tests it? Why do you do what you do? 
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