╫ The Forgotten Story of the Early Church – Part 1 (Teaching Notes + Sources)

OUT NOW: A multi-part series that rediscovers what the early church looked like, why some of its ways are absent in Modern Christianity, and how we can return to the walk of the first-century disciples.

Judaism & Christianity today stands separated as two distinctly separate religions, but it may surprise you that this was not always the case. A gradual separation occurred from the first century as the years passed by due to various important-to-know reasons. The theological consequences were great – and not always for the better.

In both Judaism & Christianity today, it can be easy to forget that Jesus was born, lived, and died as a Jew. He never came to start a brand new religion, but rather to continue the story God deposited into the world from the beginning. Large parts of the world have been robbed of the true identity of the Messiah. But today, He is reaching out to restore it back again, so that the true followers of Jesus may finally drive the Jews to jealousy for their Messiah once again, just as Paul prophesied it would happen.

Watch the full series as it releases on https://youtube.com/riseonfire and https://riseonfire.com

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