╫ The Moses Model of Evangelism: The Power of the Spirit – Torah Portion: Names

What if I told you that the first and perhaps one of the most complete evangelistic models laid out in the Bible by God for us, is actually found in what we call the “Old Testament”? Many forget that Moses was one of the first and greatest evangelists. God gave Moses the methods, and later Jesus (Yeshua) would implement the same even more powerfully in His ministry.

So to walk as Yeshua did, we need to start at the beginning with Moses at the burning bush. There we will unravel some of the great “secrets” to walking out the Great Commission powerfully in our lives. The Holy Spirit is key. And just having the knowledge of the truth alone is not enough.

Bonus: We will also answer the mystery of why God appeared to Moses in a burning bush. It truly is a powerful revelation!

Torah Portion: Shemot / Names / שמות

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