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Brand New on Audiobook: Reigniting Spirit & Truth is brought to life through a passionate narration by its author, PD Vander Westhuizen.



Brand New on Audiobook: Reigniting Spirit & Truth is brought to life through a passionate narration by its author, PD Vander Westhuizen.

Look around, there’s not many here. This is a special place that looks like Jesus. A place of power, boldness, guidance in the Spirit; and holy obedience to His Truth. It’s the Kingdom on Earth. It fills, it satisfies, it sets free, and fills a hole within mainstream Christianity.

It’s not the Truth without the Spirit or Spirit without the Truth, it’s the fullness of Messiah that drips with anointing. He is calling and enabling a radical bride, who for the first time in history will walk in the full measure of law and grace. For most of the denominations law and grace stand in opposition, but He is calling worshippers of Spirit & Truth.

Can you hear the shofar blow?

Spirit: Join this journey of discovering our identity in Spirit to see the blind see, the demon leave and the dead raise. Most are not walking in this because the pendulum has swung all the way to the side where the scripture is important yet the Spirit is suppressed.

Truth: Many also live on the other side of the pendulum, where the Spirit is walked out, but the Truth the Spirit wants to testify of, is not. Many have all along been ignorant of what sin is, that the new covenant is much bigger than previously thought, and how your identity as God’s people (Israel) will change your life forever.

“The book boldly proclaims repentance and a restoration of God’s word (remembering the law of Moses) and also the equally important need to be led by the Set Apart Spirit. The time has come for believers to leave behind a half baked faith and re-ignite a burning passion for both Spirit and Truth, leaving neither behind.” – Jake Grant (Now You See TV)


Length: 7 Hours, 26 Minutes
Author & Narrator: PD van der Westhuizen
Publisher: Rise on Fire Ministries
Abridgement: Unabridged
Fiction: Non-fiction
Language: ENGLISH
Retail ISBN: 9781987150476
Retail List Price: $15.95
Release Date: 2018-12-14

2 reviews for 15x Bulk | Reigniting Spirit & Truth (AUDIOBOOK MP3 CD)

  1. Mike Skiens (verified owner)

    Materials received in excellent condition with fast and efficient shipping! Thank you for sending them so I may share with others.

  2. Mike Skiens (verified owner)

    Incredible Holy Spirit inspired book that I am sharing with others in audio CD and hard copy form. One of the best resources to share the Gospel of the Kingdom to Christian and Torah observant people that I have found. Ours is to plant and water. Yeshua causes the increase!

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