Complimentary Membership

$0.00 for 1 year

This is a complimentary membership for those suffering from financial hardship, or those unable to afford to support the Rise on Fire ministry. It grants access to all Flame Partnership tier perks:

  •  Early Access To All Releases
  •  Exclusive Partner Newsletter
  •  Teaching Notes
  •  Reigniting Spirit & Truth Digital Audiobook

Please select “Add To Order”, then fill your billing address at the bottom of this page. Note that you will not be billed anything for this plan, it is complimentary.

We don’t want the gospel or any of our resources that can help people be inaccessible due to any costs. Therefore, even though our teaching notes are usually only offered to our monthly partners, we offer all our teaching notes for free to those who are unable to support us in this way. We have freely received, therefore we freely give!

This membership will be free for 1 year, after which it expires. You will then need to then reapply for this complimentary membership if your situation remains the same.

By continuing, you confirm that you are either suffering from a form of financial hardship, or you’re simply not able to make a monthly contribution to Rise on Fire Ministries comfortably at this point. 


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