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╫ Acts 15: The Jerusalem Council – Is the law abolished for gentiles?

Acts 15’s meeting of the Jerusalem council is often used to explain that Christians/non-Jews are not required to keep the law of God. But rather only a few commandments. That Jesus has come to fulfill the law so we don’t need to, and the laws given by God in the old testament are completely abolished; and if we are to keep them, we are to bring Jesus’ sacrifice to naught.

Was this the conclusion of the Apostles? If so, why were they giving commandments of Leviticus at the same meeting to gentiles, even “abolished” dietary laws? And why were they encouraging gentiles to attend synagogues where the law was taught?

Acts 15 is extremely misunderstood by many. I hope this brings clarity.



4 thoughts on “╫ Acts 15: The Jerusalem Council – Is the law abolished for gentiles?”

  1. Hey PD, I’m new to this. I recently started keeping the sabbath. But I’m not sure what the law of God is. How do I know what the difference of God’s laws and Man’s law are?
    I thought circumcision was God’s law.
    What is God’s law?

  2. Thank you for this. This has been the clearest teaching on the subject that I have heard, even from those who agree with you. That the Spirit is speaking through you is apparent and has been an incredible inspiration to me as I attempt to grow my faith in following Christ’s steps.

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