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╫ Angels & Demons: You’re Not Alone

A video to share with your New Age friends! Another world exists outside of this one, much bigger and more influential than many realize, comprised of two kingdoms with a battle between good and evil. The Kingdom of Light is holy, pure, honest, and true. But the kingdom of darkness is continually trying to disguise itself as “good” through crafty lies to deceive man.

As witchcraft increases and is being practiced more openly than ever before, it is important for us to distinguish the light from the darkness. Many believe in so-called gods, but what are the Ways that the One True God prescribes His people to worship and honor Him by? And what are the ways of sorcery that he calls an abomination?

In this teaching, we discover the spiritual realm and the angels & demons that function therein, the various forms of witchcraft to beware of today, and how we can be an instrument of the battle for the right Kingdom.



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