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╫ Behind the Mask: Religious Appearances Without Relationship

Studies show that couples who spend more on their wedding ceremony and engagement ring are at a higher risk of divorce later in the marriage, compared to couples who spent less extravagantly on their wedding. But why?

Similar to some couples who may be marrying for status, wealth, the show of a big ceremony, or the outward appearances – many think they can be a bride who marries God for the same reasons. Many go to church every week, keep every festival, attend every bible study, every conference, and from the outside, their relationship with God appears to be beautiful. Yet they were doing it all for show and the approval of fellow churchmen instead of for the sake of their intimacy with God.

While men can be fooled, God will not be, and will not marry a bride only in it for appearances. He is looking for a bride equally yoked, in love with her Bridegroom, who will never compromise.

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