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╫ Capitalist Christianity – Charging For The Gospel

In our western, capitalist mindsets, those in full-time ministry have adopted the world’s ways of doing business to start charging for the gospel – making it inaccessible to those unable to pay.
What has happened? Would Yeshua have put a paywall in front of His revelations, teachings, and deliverance? So why do we? Isn’t it disturbing that we have fallen this far into what is now considered a “normal” way of doing ministry. Freely you have received, now freely give.

God is calling ministers out to separate themselves from the world and be an example to the sheep, to actually trust in the Master who pays His laborers their wages. If we continue to trust in our devices and models of doing ministry instead of what our Messiah clearly laid out in scripture, our ministries will be robbed of blessings – and even worse, we will have to give an account on judgment day (the day teachers will be judged more strictly on).

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