╫ Churches Are Celebrating Halloween – Would Jesus?


This is one to share with your Christian friends (interview with a pastor in this video!). Halloween just ended, how was yours? I’ll be honest, as being from South Africa and this being my official “first” Halloween, driving through our American neighborhood streets was a weird experience, almost like walking through the set of a horror movie. This all sparked my curiosity. So on Halloween, I drove up to a local church doing “Trunk or Treat” (a “lightened version” of Trick or Treat), and spoke to the head pastor about it. I wanted to understand their mission and motivations behind their participation in Halloween. As you will find, his motivations were interesting, but are they biblical?

The big question is: How do we ensure we are a light, as Yeshua was light, while ensuring we do not celebrate or partake in darkness and sin in the process? I hope this video helps to answer that question for Christians.


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