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╫ Food, Sabbath, and Conspiracy Theories: What Paul Really Said – Romans Series (Chapt. 14)

When it comes to our opinions, we can easily get really excited. Sometimes over-excited – lifting conspiracy theories like flat earth, our organic diets, or even “spiritual” practices to the level of law, considering ourselves “better” and alienating those who don’t believe what we do regarding disputable matters. And just like today, Paul faced many of the same issues and tells us to be humble about them.

Romans 14 is also misunderstood by mainstream Christianity as the food chapter where Paul says we can “eat whatever we want”, and keep a sabbath on “any day we want”. Both these ideas are a severe misunderstanding of the cultural issues Paul were facing, and if we understand them, you’ll see it’s actually pretty simple: Paul was never nullifying the law of God, but rather the laws of men.

Topics Discussed: We can eat anything? / Have the sabbath any day? / Conspiracy Theories (Flat earth, etc.)



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