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╫ Is It Really Spirit vs. Law? – Galatians Series (Chapt. 5 – 6)

For a time, many have assumed that walking in God’s law is contrary to walking in the Spirit. This is because of Paul’s fierce language against circumcision, which he calls a “yoke of slavery.” He also says that anyone who tries to keep the law, is obligated to keep it all! So now, we must rather “walk in the Spirit” (Galatians 5:5).

But what if the idea of “circumcision” Paul is addressing was not the biblical circumcision? What if Paul has never been against keeping any of God’s law (Romans 3:31), but only when we do so for the wrong reasons? And what if, walking “by the flesh” is actually when we break God’s law, while walking “in the Spirit” would be keeping it?

It may sound crazy, but you will discover that this may actually be what scripture says. Join us in this episode of the Galatians series for a verse-by-verse study to see what Paul really meant, by reading his letters with us through a first-century perspective.



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