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╫ Living in the Blessing of God – Torah Portion: In My Statutes

We all desire blessing. No matter who you are, what you believe, what your heart is, it doesn’t change the fact that we all ultimately desire a life full of blessing.

The world is full of stress, fear, disappointment, offense and hurt. Effectively navigating the evils of life can seem like an impossible task, because it is. Without God, we can do nothing. And the sooner we recognize it, the sooner we can submit ourselves to Him and His will, to let Him carry the burden and take the control. For Him to set us free when we’re pushed to our limit.

You were never meant to carry this alone, and if you try it will bring everything BUT a blessing. Want a blessed life? Give your life and all control to the One True God from which all that is blessed comes from. Living a life of blessing doesn’t just mean we accept Jesus into our heart, He must rule it.

Torah Portion: Bechukotai | In my statutes | בחקותי



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