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╫ Loving Like Jesus – The Greatest Commandment

Some have been believers in Jesus all their life, yet still live lives lacking in what the Bible describes as love. For the believer, love is not an option, love is not a feeling. It does not compromise showing grace, nor showing truth. Love is not limited by our opinions, or the world’s opinions. Love is not limited by how much we were offended or how much wrong was done to us. Love hopes, believes, is patient, humble, all while rejoicing in truth. This is what love is suppose to be. But we have drawn lines in the sand on “how much we will love” and by which conditions. But if that was the mindset of Jesus, where would that leave us? Our lack of love, at it’s root, is often a misunderstanding of how much weight He truly bore on the cross. We all know the story of His crucifixion, but have you considered the depths of what He really did?



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