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╫ My Will Be Done: Twisting God’s Word For Our Desires – Torah Portion: Balak

Balaam wanted something, and even though he pretended to be holy in speech, have good intent, and a desire for God’s will, he only took on this appearance for his own agenda. He believed he could use God to get what he wants. While thinking, he was going to use God, God instead used Balaam. Instead of cursing Israel like Balaam desired, he ends up speaking some of the greatest blessings over Israel!

We may say we’re nothing like Balaam. But how often have we twisted God’s word for our own fleshly desires? Sometimes God’s way is not enough for us, and try to pull every string imaginable to get past it and work Him into our own will. And when our donkey throws us off and doors are closed, we act confused! But what if God is only trying to protect us from ourselves?

Torah Portion: Balak | בלק



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