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╫ The Foolish Galatians: But not how you think! – Galatians Series (Chapter 3)

Paul famously called the Galatians “foolish” in his letter. This has often been taught to be due to their desire to follow God’s law. But what if biblical and historical contexts teach us that they were foolish for starting to believe a prevalent lie circulating in the first century?

It has also often been concluded that Paul’s writings regarding the law as a “schoolmaster” downplays its importance in a believer’s life – that the law was only important for a little while until Christ came. Is God’s law today in opposition to the life and instructions of Christ? Or is the danger more simply in what we use law the for?

Join PD & Christina in Part 2 of the Galatians Series for an in-depth discussion on this important chapter of the book.

Some of the points discussed in this episode:
– Paul’s famous, yet widely misunderstood explanation of the law as our “schoolmaster”
– The Covenants of God, and how they relate with one another and to our personal walks.
– What does “keeping the whole law but failing at one point causing us to break the law”, mean in relation to whether we should keep God’s law?
– What it meant for the “veil to be torn” in relation to the Abrahamic Covenant.
– …and more!



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