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╫ Passover: Unashamed of the Lamb

The call of Jesus to radically follow Him is the same call of God in the Passover story. The story of Israel surrounded by a pagan nation worshipping animals amongst other gods, and God calling them to do the unthinkable: Kill lambs, and place the blood on the doorposts of their homes.

Today the story has been told enough times that we may deem it normal, but what if God called you to do the same thing today? Would you paint your home with Him, or be ashamed and hide in fear?



1 thought on “╫ Passover: Unashamed of the Lamb”

  1. Patricia Szkotnicki

    Great video! I am new to learning all the feasts and trying my best to honor them in a way pleasing to Yah. The scriptures don’t give us a lot of insight on how these feasts were celebrated. How are we to honor these feasts, how do you honor the Father’s feast days?

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