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╫ Paul: All Things to All People – Romans Series (Chapt. 15 – 16)

Have you ever wondered how Paul did it? He reached the nations from north to south, east to west with the gospel. Reaching diverse pagan cultures and being able to connect with them, all without compromising his holiness.

Even though we don’t belong to this world, we can still connect with the lost as both Jesus and Paul did. In fact, Paul writes of how he did this in the last few chapters of Romans. He not only addresses how we can connect with the unbeliever, but also how to walk out our role with those in fellowship, and how to conduct fellowships.

Living a life that encourages harmony with those around us is a commandment and one that someone’s eternity can depend on since we are walking representations of Yeshua. There is not a lot of things more valuable than reaching the lost with the gospel, by all means necessary.



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