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╫ Preparing for the Second Coming (Amazing Isaac and Christ Parallel!)

Are you His Bride? Will you water every camel and follow Eliezer back to a foreign land like Rebecca did for her bridegroom? It is the season for an outpouring of God’s Spirit more than ever. The Holy Spirit has descended upon the Earth to gather the Bride of Christ, test her heart, adorn her, and lead her to her Bridegroom.

Many are living in the gift of Truth given at the first Pentecost; or the Gift of Spirit given at the second. But His bride will be equally yoked, and will walk in both the power of the Spirit, and discernment of the Truth.

The trumpet will soon blow, and it will become too late to be adorned for your Husband. Get ready! For He is coming!



1 thought on “╫ Preparing for the Second Coming (Amazing Isaac and Christ Parallel!)”

  1. beverly sortors

    PD, thank you for such a wonderful teaching as all your teaching have been such a help for me to understand Torah and share what with my family and friends what the Lord has wanted me to see and learn but that has not been received well with them as they feel I have gone into legalism. I am very much in my senior years, I will turn 80 this august and I am hungry to learn all I can a to share rightly before all he gives me
    divine appointments to share His love with. Torah has been a struggle for me as I come from a non denomination and calvary chapel back ground my adult children who are believers from same back ground and my husband who is not a believer all think I have flipped. YHWH is really teaching me some tuff lessons I need to learn mainly to love those who persecute me so please pray for me to have ears to hear and eyes to see what the Lord is teaching me and keep my walk in balance, also could you pray for healing for my husband Gary, who will have heart surgery very soon and I have been diagnosed with spinal stenoses which is effecting my legs in walking and my hands with feeling I believe the Lord can heal me , He just needs to say the word but He also wants us to have prayers said for us so I am asking if you would hold us in your prayers, Thank You and I thank you and your lovely wife Christina, for being faithful examples of the faith you have in Yeshua and may He continue to fill you with boldness to speak the Word in truth and in His spirit and that He will be your continued cover in what ever you do and go, Many Many blessing and divine appointments for you to lead many into the kingdom of our God. With much love and prayer for you, Beverly .

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