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╫ RAPTURED: Testing The Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Years ago we surrounded the television to watch the latest Hollywood movie called “Left Behind”. For many Christians around the world, this was the first time where they could visualize what the end times might look like. But was it an accurate representation of what scripture teaches?

The world is a troubled place and always has been. Now more than ever people are searching for answers regarding the end of the world. So, what does the Bible really teach about the end, and especially that moment of believers being gathered to the heavens? One thing is for sure, the world WILL end, the trumpets WILL blow. But will you expect it, or be caught off guard?



2 thoughts on “╫ RAPTURED: Testing The Pre-Tribulation Rapture”

    1. Good catch William! I pinned a comment on the YouTube video after realizing I misspoke, I will post it below also:

      Please note at 37:00 I briefly mentioned that some Preterists believe Nero set up a defilement in the temple. A more accurate statement would be that Nero was in leadership and started the siege against Jerusalem from about 66 to 68 AD when he died. This left a power vacuum in Rome which Titus took over from and led the more well known 70AD attack. However, during this burning of the temple in 70AD by the battle, no actual defilement by means of an pagan sacrifice was inside the temple according to history, even though some preterists have tried to state it. Regardless, the 4 “tests” I provide in the video can be used towards any historical event to see whether it actually fulfilled the reveal of the anti-Christ. I just wanted to mention this minor historical error I made by mentioning Nero instead of Titus so no one is confused.

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