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╫ Rob Skiba’s Unexpected Last Message to the World

It is with great sadness that we think on the passing of Rob Skiba. Rob was not a teacher with whom I agreed with all the time, but he was a disciple of the same Messiah and brought many into God’s Kingdom. What was especially striking to me was realizing the significance of Rob’s last message to the world: It was not a message about the topics you may know him for. Rob didn’t do the message he planned to do that day, instead he allowed the Holy Spirit to do something incredible.

Could it be that the Father would like to teach us something through this about what He is asking all of us to do? To be led by His Spirit like never before.



3 thoughts on “╫ Rob Skiba’s Unexpected Last Message to the World”

  1. R.i.p older brother. You helped to open my eyes about realities I cannot see visibly. Lord have mercy on us all. Amen.

  2. Sabin McKinnie l

    I would like to know where Rob attended church as I’m looking for a place that celebrates Yahovah’s feasts and not Christmas and Easter. Virtual church is ok but I miss fellowship.

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