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╫ Sarah Vs. Hagar: The Law Vs. Freedom? – Galatians Series (Chapter 4)

When Paul speak of the story of Sarah & Hagar allegorically, some have thought that Paul is saying that anyone who tries the keep God’s law, is trying to be a slave like Hagar. But this misunderstanding has come in because few truly understand the simple story of Sarah & Hagar in Scripture. When we understand what Abraham and Sarah’s error was, we will be in a much better position to accurately interpret how Paul was using this famous story to teach us something very important. In this episode, we will discover Paul’s writing’s in the context of this old testament story.

Some of What We Talk About:
– Are those who try to keep God’s law a slave like Hagar?
– “You observe days and months and seasons and years!” Is Paul against the feast days and sabbath celebrations mentioned in the Bible?



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