╫ Scattered & Regathered – Hear oh Bride


Israel or Gentile – this will change your life forever.

9 Years ago, this was the teaching that changed my life forever. A big stone in my foundation of fire that created a boldness and sense of identity in me that would never leave me. My hope is that this teaching does the same – to change your life forever – as it has mine.


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  1. A new covenant was made with the twelve tribes in place of (to replace) the old covenant which should not come as a surprise to the gentiles; who had no previous covenant. That is why, Paul (the apostle to the gentiles) taught that for gentiles to become part of the kingdom of GOD, they had to repent of their sins and be baptised (under water) to die to self (not an old covenant) and rise up in the newness of the spirit of Jesus Christ; recognising him as their saviour and Lord. By being baptised in the spirit, there was no need for gentiles to become Jews even though in the book of Acts we read that many of the saved jews initially called for gentiles (men) to be circumcised. This was set aside by the council of the apostles in Jerusalem.
    In the book of Hebrews (chapter 8 v. 13) we read that concerning the covenants, the old is passed away and the new is come.
    It is therefore not necessary for gentiles to become like the Jews, knowing and living after the law.
    Blessings,………Peter McGregor.

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