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╫ Severe Spiritual Attack – Please Pray

Hi brothers and sisters,

This is the hardest video I’ve ever done from the over 300 videos on the Rise on Fire channel.

Things have been very hard health wise and I have found myself in the wilderness. A place where I know only God can deliver me and give me nourishment.

I believe the various things that have happened to me are no coincidence, it is spiritual attack by the enemy.

I hope this video will give you clarity on the matter. Please consider me in your prayers.

Many blessings in Messiah and see you again soon!



4 thoughts on “╫ Severe Spiritual Attack – Please Pray”

  1. William Livingstone

    No need to ask for our mercy or apologize PD, we know its is the enemy is doing what he always tries to do. My prayers are with you and Christina brother. This too will pass, and hopefully sooner than later. Shalom, William

  2. Father, I ask for you to pour out grace and mercy on PD and Christina as you say that you are our rock and our hiding place. As PD runs to you for shelter, let him in out of the wind and the rain. Enemy, get out of PD’s body now. It’s not an injured back or joints. It is the enemy using his body to bring pain. By Yeshua’s stripes we are healed. Father, you forgive all our iniquities and heal all our diseases. We thank you for your love and your provision. Praises always to your holy righteous name. Amen!

  3. Thanks for being so honest in sharing about your current trials. It serves as an encouragement to others who are also going through various trials as well. So, yes, praying for you and your wife ~~trusting for all of this to turn around for your good and His Great Glory. Amen

  4. PD, I will be praying Psalms 91 over you for complete protection and blessings from the Father. It is powerful and has delivered many believers from all kinds of attacks throughout history even to the point the enemy tried to tempt Yeshua using it. It also promises He will be with us in distress and He will answer us. HalleluYah Rest in יהוה, my brother!

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