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╫ Stop Satan From Creating His Character In YOU (LIVE)

We are in a war. A constant battle surrounds us between good and evil. Satan moves strategically to try and poke for weaknesses to get into our lives and mold us into his image. He wants to destroy the image of God we have been made in.

He is after your character: Who you are, how you act. He wants to use you as his vessel. He wants to manipulate others through you, for you to use others for your own gain, to care about yourself more than others, to be critical, jealous, angry, and hateful. God wants the opposite. But perhaps the most concerning is that Satan tries to do these things undercover without your knowledge, especially if you consider yourself a believer. Is your character being used as a vessel for good, or evil? This is a vital message for teenagers, young and older adults alike!


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