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╫ The 2000 Year Old Miracle Seed From Israel That Grew

A clay jar full of seeds dated to be 2 000 years old (the time of Christ) was discovered in the ruins of a palace in Israel. Against all odds, one of the seeds were planted and actually grew into an ancient palm tree. Scientists stated it “beggars belief” that this happened. As far as they knew, DNA breaks up, and does not retain its structure for 2 000 years!

But what if this incredible event was a miracle from God with a spiritual message to His people? What if the seeds of God that entered the world through Yeshua 2000 years ago are bearing fruit like never before right before our eyes today?



2 thoughts on “╫ The 2000 Year Old Miracle Seed From Israel That Grew”

  1. This message sang with my own heart – so beautiful and so full of truth. Thank you for making my heart sing for joy and bless you for speaking out His truth. So many around me are deceived and will not listen or even speak to me – hated as you say, yet i still stand guard and pray for them. Shabbat shalom

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