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╫ The Battle For Our Children – Hear the Shofar

Often when there is a lot of world events going on around us, we naturally tend to look most towards what we see. While important to be awake, don’t get too distracted. The enemy is also busy with the things we don’t see. Ask yourself, what is it the enemy’s camp is up to that I DON’T SEE? The answer may be right in front of you and more obvious than you think, and it has everything to do with our children.



2 thoughts on “╫ The Battle For Our Children – Hear the Shofar”

  1. I am so disappointed that you offer a membership for early access to your videos and content. There is nothing in common with the early disciples in comforming to modern day ministry, and this is what we see today – ministries acting like business.

    1. Hi Dana, all teaching content (including this one you commented on) is available for 100% free to everyone. Even my book has been released as a free PDF alongside the paperback. There is absolutely no ‘extra content’ offered to those who choose to support the ministry work. Partners only get access to videos 24hrs before everyone else as a “thank you” for their support, so if you choose to not support the ministry in any way, you will still be able to get everything as there are no “pay walls” at all. If we acted like a business, we would charge for teachings. We do not.

      I think it is appropriate to respect our decision to want to thank our partners for their support somehow. This way allows us to do so without compromising making the gospel available for free. If we charged for the teachings, I think that would be unbiblical. But simply sending partners an email before everyone else with the teaching is really not worth being worried about.

      Many blessings

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