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╫ The Good Samaritan: Pitfalls of Pride

The Rich Young Ruler came to Jesus with a question on the minds of many: “What can I do to inherit eternal life?” The lawyer in the story of the Good Samaritan asked the same, and Martha tried the same. But is this the right question, or does it indicate an unconscious belief that we can somehow achieve self-justification through our own works? This is perhaps one of the most common traits in all of humanity and is what every religion on Earth has come to revolve around.

However, what if the question of what we can do is the wrong question entirely. What if we are so far gone, with no hope of good works perfect enough for eternal life or relationship with God, ever? Not realizing this is the heart of pride that refuses to acknowledge the severity of our own sin. Realizing all this, the disciples asked: “What then? Who can be saved!” (Mark 10:26). God’s solution, Jesus, was right in front of them.

But even if we believe in the solution, sometimes the best of us still live as if there is none.

In this teaching, we will explore the 3 stories Jesus used to teach about the potential pitfalls of “religious works”, distraction, our relationship with God, and eternal life. All this in The Parable of the Good Samaritan, anxious Martha & The Rich Young Ruler.



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