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╫ The Greatest & Least in Heaven – Torah Portion: Jethro

Yeshua spoke of a greatest and least in the heavens in Matthew 5, but who are the “greatest”?

Yeshua raised the standard of the law, by giving it meaning, filling it up with love, and walking it out properly for us to see. But did He come to throw away the foundational laws of His Father of which He raised the standard on?

You see, Yeshua cannot teach that we may not look at a woman with lust because that is adultery in the heart, yet condone the physical act of adultery. It’s obvious, right? Yet many have taught that He came to do away with much of the foundation (law) of His Father and that we are now left with a “law on the heart” that may be different from the original law of God.

We do indeed now have the law written on our hearts – but what does that truly mean according to scripture? And what is that law? These are important questions because we show our love to Father by our obedience to the covenant vows He wrote on our hearts when we said “Yes” to follow Him.

Torah Portion: Yitro | Jethro | יתרו



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