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╫ The Jonah Journey of Christ: Why Jonah Really Ran

What’s the real reason Jonah ran? Sometimes it’s not just about running from a calling, but running from a people you don’t truly want to see reached – because they’re unclean, they’re unrighteous and most undeserving. Jonah thought of himself as more holy, more righteous and more deserving than Nineveh. Since he saw himself as better, he decided to ignore God’s call. Ironically, Jonah would end up in the same place as the sins of that unclean people.

The story of Jonah may just be the very reason many of us aren’t motivated to reach the world with the gospel. The world is undeserving and unclean anyway, right? We might as well watch it burn! But alongside the story of Jonah runs a parallel story of Jesus: Where Jonah ran away, Jesus ran to. Discover the beautiful Jonah journey of Christ in this teaching.



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