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╫ The Passover Paradox – Passover 2021

The Crucifixion story is riddled with pictures of man’s need for a savior, yet the pervasive belief that we don’t need one. Men have their plans, their own “messiahs”, but none of it solves the true problem of separation from God. It was there where Barnabas was chosen, Judas betrayed Yeshua, and Israel took pleasure in their murder. But this terrible story on the surface would start restoring the world to the garden that was once lost. And that fruit which Adam and Judas ate of, we would develop a disdain for as God’s Spirit fills us.

Discover how the Passover’s paradoxes teach us more about the beauty of God’s sacrifice for humanity.



1 thought on “╫ The Passover Paradox – Passover 2021”

  1. William Livingstone

    deep, insightful and meaningful PD! Are we His friends? My favorite scripture came to mind in answer to that, 1 John 4:16 (Emphasized Bible with additional translations’ words in brackets). “And we have come to understand [know] and to trust [believe in / rely in] the love which Elohim has in us. Elohim is love; And he that abides in love in Elohim abides, and Elohim in him abides.

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