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╫ The Power of the Resurrection – Feast of First Fruits

The world is captivated by the coronavirus. But thousands of years ago, God gave His yearly feast days to be kept forever. Why forever? Because He knew that as time goes on, and birth pains increase, the world will be captivated by more and more things to be afraid of. But He continuously calls His people to be captivated with His season. This is not the season of the Coronavirus! This is His.

During the Passover season, we are focused on cleansing our homes from sin. But thereafter we need to look to the next feast: The Feast of First Fruits, where Jesus was resurrected from the dead to give the Holy Spirit. Now, it’s not just about getting rid of sin but keeping it out by His Holy Spirit.

This year, celebrating First Fruits will probably be more important than all the years before it for you, considering the great birth pain season we are in. Keeping this feast is God’s spiritual call and preparation to ensure His “blood is on our doorpost” this year and our hearts are clean. Join PD in this teaching on celebrating the Feast of First Fruits.



2 thoughts on “╫ The Power of the Resurrection – Feast of First Fruits”

  1. Champion PD! Inspired, anointed, THE BEST!! Spoken with Truth and Authority like the Master! You make known the “sense” of the Word to the people like it says in Nehemiah 8:8 !! Hallelu – Yah!!!!!!!!!

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