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╫ The Top 7 Lies of Satan

“You’re not good enough”….”You’ve messed up too much for God to forgive you”….  What lies have you been hearing lately?  You were created uniquely, with a purpose and a calling, and this is a massive threat to the enemy’s kingdom. Because of this, Satan’s goal is to get you so focused on his attacks and lies that you forget who you are – your identity in Yeshua and as a son and daughter of the King. Using scripture, this video addresses and refutes 7 of the TOP lies Satan tells us. Which lie has he been telling you? It’s time for freedom.



2 thoughts on “╫ The Top 7 Lies of Satan”

  1. William Livingstone

    Wow Christina! You are really coming into your own! Excellent teaching, I will be playing it again! I like Rise on Fire’s new studio as well! Always praying for you guys – some of the BEST TRUE content out there, guided by the Ruach!

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