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╫ Wait, Is Circumcision Required To Keep Passover?

Multitudes of Christians are returning to the Biblical feasts such as Passover this year! But wait, is circumcision required to celebrate the feast? When we discover what the Bible says, we might also stumble into something AMAZING Yeshua said and did about celebrating this feast.
May this teaching bless you. I have another Passover teaching coming your way before the feast. Have a blessed upcoming Passover!



3 thoughts on “╫ Wait, Is Circumcision Required To Keep Passover?”

  1. From my up bringing circumcision was taboo. Paul seemed to make an argument that if you received Christ then were also circumcised that your salvation was no good (Gal 5:2). Galatians 5:11 points to the fact that Paul did teach circumcision. Paul’s focus was being circumcised of the heart.

    I have an issue with how we in the Church of Christ have been treating this information. Paul is basically telling us that if you use circumcision to win points for salvation you have lost the game and need to start over from square one, but once saved and having an understanding that circumcision can not gain you anything it seems that the Father’s heart would be for those He speaks with should be circumcised. I say all this based off not only the Exodus 12 passage for Passover, but also the Ezekiel 44:7-9 passage where in the Ezekiel temple the priests are being rebuked for allowing the uncircumcised in the flesh into the sanctuary.
    I would encourage anyone that the Father has been encouraging to be circumcised to do so. Don’t allow the traditions of man to hinder the voice of the Father in your life.

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