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╫ Imitating God’s Mercy – Torah Portion: Come

As surprising as it may sound: when God struck Egypt, He had mercy. He gave Pharaoh 10 merciful warnings of judgment. He had mercy on the cries of His people. He had mercy on the unbelief of Israel. And after delivering them, He expected them to live out that same mercy to others. But have we forgotten mercy?

God delivered us from our slaveries in Egypt, we saw His power and mercy on display. But why do we see such a lack of mercy in the lives of believers today? Can you hear the call! Our Master is coming back! And when He comes back, He will see if we had mercy on those in debt to us, our enemies and brethren alike, as He had mercy on our debts before Him.

In this teaching, discover God’s mercy in Egypt, the rainbow of Revelation, and Yeshua’s life. Then, we will learn how we can carry God’s mercy ourselves.

Torah Portion: Bo | Come | בוא



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