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╫ WHAT IF I pray for healing and nothing happens?

Probably the number one fear keeping people from praying for others is this, lets shine some truth on this issue.

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PD van der Westhuizen

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1 thought on “╫ WHAT IF I pray for healing and nothing happens?”

  1. My “what if” question is a bit different. What if you pray in faith, for yourself or someone else, not worried about your reputation, and just step out in obedience, and the person is not healed? How do you figure out what went wrong, or what to change? I’ve watched your “2 Common Barriers” video. I don’t think I am unrepentant. I spend time daily seeking God’s face and realizing I fall short, and crying out for Him to cleanse me and work through me. I don’t know of anyone that I haven’t forgiven. I often go to people and apologize for my part in difficulties and I cry out for His mercy for me to be as forgiving as is possible.

    I know I am not perfect, but I’m not a sideliner, either. I have been studying healing and reading and believing the healing scriptures for months, but my own healing is not coming, and my efforts at ministering to others is not fruitful, either. I feel God uses me often for teaching and encouragement, so I don’t feel cut off from Him. But in the realm of healing, He seems to be silent to me. And I have prayed many times for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and that has not come, at least in any perceptible way. If I am in unbelief, I don’t know how to move out of it. If you have any insight or ideas for me to proceed, please share them with me.

    Thank you.

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