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╫ Why God Used A RAINBOW – Fire Point

After the world was flooded, God promised to never flood the world again and gave the rainbow as the sign of that promise. But why the rainbow? The rainbow itself communicates the true depths and beauty of God’s promise! Unlike our childhood dreams of tangible rainbows with treasures at the end of them, rainbows are just reflections of light that are perceived by the eye. Rainbows don’t exist without people to look upon them.

As each person sees their “own” unique rainbow reflection (depending on the angle from which they view), so God’s rainbow promise is that there will always be a remnant to look upon His promises and mercy. And that the “personal rainbow” you see, is also an individual promise to you that He will continue to have mercy on your life.

This is further proven by what God would later do for us in Yeshua: the ultimate act of mercy to restore us back to God, even though we are all undeserving. His mercy in light of the world’s sin is unfathomable!

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