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╫ Yeshua & The Laws of the Leper – Torah Portion: Metzora

Yeshua had an extraordinary plan up His sleeve when He sent the leper to the priest, because thousands of years before, God placed a special condition in the Torah that the priests knew, but were never able to do – until the day He came. This ritual has everything to do with Yeshua and the crucifixion.

It is a picture of our walk with Him, from what He did for us, to the role of the Spirit, to the walk He calls us to. This is truly what it means when Yeshua “fulfilled” the Torah, because He actually instructed the leper to be obedient to an instruction that nobody has even been able to be obedient to. He filled the instructions of His Father up with meaning – to the brim.

Torah Portion: Metzora / Tazria


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